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Gitcher Toy

The Gitcher Toy© is not really a dog toy, but if no one tells your dog… your dog simply will not know.

Gitcher Toy

The original Gitcher Toy© (shipping to US included)…………………..$7.50

All prices include shipping costs for addresses within the United States. Please note that the cost per toy decreases as you buy more toys in a single transaction. If you wish to buy more than nine Gitcher Toys, contact us via email to request a price quote.

If the Gitcher Toy© is not really a dog toy, what is it?  Believe it or not, this item is quite common, especially in rural communities… but even in rural communities, most people couldn’t tell you what it is.

Gitcher Toy packaging

That’s OK for your dog. Manufactured from high-quality latex rubber, The Gitcher Toy© is ten inches long (see below), non-toxic, lightweight, and durable.  Dogs take to it immediately for both fetching and tug-of-war games.  Its light weight makes it appropriate to throw indoors as it’s less likely than heavier toys to cause damage.

When we lived in Boston, my wife and I occasionally indulged our dogs with latex or vinyl toys. Specifically manufactured as pet toys, those items disappointed: our dogs destroyed most of them within hours… some in just a few minutes! Since we moved to the country, our dogs have played with Gitcher Toys©.

I won’t lie and tell you these toys are indestructable.  They’re ideal for games of fetch, and they hold up well in tug-of-war.  I  know a beagle-sized dog that played vigorously with a Gitcher Toy© for more than ten years without damaging it.  On the other hand, my somewhat larger Labrador Retriever has torn a Gitcher Toy© playing tug-of-war.  A dog left to gnaw on a Gitcher Toy© can chew through the rubber.

the Gitcher Toy

The only place to find a Gitcher Toy© in use for its original purpose is on a farm. When the farmer finishes with one, it might end up as the farm dog’s plaything.  Now you can inject a bit of country into your dog’s life… and have an amusing conversation piece to toss around your house or yard.

Designed in 1989, the original Gitcher Toy© packaging appears above (click the picture to see it enlarged). To reduce costs to you (and to the environment), we no longer print the packaging; your toy(s) arrive via US Mail in plain mailers.

What is it really?

The three photos below represent Gitcher Toys at work… one might even reveal the toy’s original purpose. That said, we’d like to see your suggestions!

Maple sugar spigot
Sparkplug lead boot

Cow-milking device


Send us your photos! Win a Free Gitcher Toy©!

Take a photograph of your Gitcher Toy© doing something it wasn’t designed to do–or digitally retouch a photo to include a Gitcher Toy©. We’ll select the most clever and amusing photos and display them on this page. If we use your photograph, we’ll send you a Gitcher Toy© at no cost. So… please include your mailing address when you email your photographs to: Gitcher Toy© Photo.

What’s the original purpose of a Gitcher Toy©?

Tell us what you think. We’ll choose the most interesting suggestions, and post them here!

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